Report a Maintenance Issue

Below you will see two options for reporting maintenance if you are a current tenant of ours. However before you scroll down please read the following points about URGENT vs NON-URGENT Maintenance.


Is considered any of the following:

  • Burst water service or serious water service leak

  • A blocked or broken lavatory system

  • A serious roof leak

  • A gas leak

  • A dangerous electrical fault

  • Flooding or serious flood damage

  • Serious storm, fire or impact damage

  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to premises

  • A failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on the premises for hot water, cooking or heating

  • A fault or damage that makes the premises unsafe or insecure

  • A fault or damage likely to injure a person

  • Damaged property

  • Unduly inconvenience a resident of the premises

  • A serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area of the premises that unduly inconveniences a resident in gaining access to or using the premises.

  • If a smoke alarm on your premises is beeping, not working or you have removed it from the ceiling.

If your maintenance is considered URGENT please contact us either by phone straight away on

(07) 4054 6344


Is considered anything else!

If the maintenance you are reporting falls into the non-urgent category you have two options to report maintenance:

The first option is by using the contact form embedded below

The second option is to call us directly on (07) 4054 6344

Fill out this form below to directly report maintenance NOW!

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Phone Number *
Phone Number
Please write the maintenance that needs repair in as much detail as you can...
By checking this box you agree that if the reported maintenance items are a result of your fault you may be held responsible to repair or charged the cost of repair/replacement.