Testimonials From Our Clients


"I love Cairns Rental Realty because I know that both our properties are in the best hands and nothing is too big or small for Jackie & her team to help us out. That takes away the stress & worry for us being on the other side of the country knowing that they treat our properties like their own!"

— m.browning, 2018 (owner of 2 properties managed by cairns rental realty)

"Being a real estate agent and living in NSW, it has been important that I use a Property Manager that does the right thing for an absentee owner. We have been extremely happy with Jackie and the team at Cairns Rental Realty. They have managed our Cairns property for many years now and we have no hesitation in recommending them to others. I value their expertise and how well our property is being managed. Thank you Cairns Rental Realty!"

— s & d piper, 2018 (owner of 1 property managed by cairns rental realty)

“We had the wonderful fortune to encounter Jackie of Cairns Rental Realty about 4 years ago when she was selling a half duplex she’d previously managed for a Landlord. We bought this property and asked if she’d manage it for us as we had been unhappy with several other rental agencies we were dealing with at the time. We were so happy with Jackie’s commitment and communication that she now manages all our investment properties as well as those of our children.”

— l & b mason, 2018 (owners of 8 properties managed by cairns rental realty)

"I am so grateful to Cairns Rental Realty. I am not only proud to be the first owner Jackie secured to the business but happy to report that they have never stopped being reliable! They have always worked to ensure not only I as an owner am looked after but also gaining me great tenants who keep my property like it is their own. Jackie and the team at Cairns Rental Realty help me sleep easy knowing my investment property is getting the best return it can and the quality service, communication and knowledge of Cairns Rental Realty far surpasses other agencies I have dealt with!"

— t.walsh, 2018 (owners of 1 property managed by cairns rental realty)

“Cairns Rental Realty is the BEST IN TOWN.  They have managed my properties for many years and I am truly happy with their services. Their ability to screen tenants to rent is of high quality and are truly particular with their regular inspections.  I love that they treat my property like their own with so much care!!”

— i.brooksbank, 2018 (owners of 6 properties managed by cairns rental realty)

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