Our 15 Points Of Difference


At Cairns Rental Realty we strive to give you the service you deserve. We have compiled the below list of things we believe set us apart from every other property management agency. Things we do differently. Things we do better.


1. Family Run Business

We are a family run business working from a home office. We don’t work from separate rooms, we work in one large space together as a team. We don’t have dedicated jobs, we share our strengths. We are comfortable with each other and you can rely on us because we rely on us. As owners, one of the greatest frustrations is a property manager leaving an agency and taking the knowledge of your property with them – only for you to have to re-explain everything to a replacement. We are not wasting time on staff turnovers, we are up-skilling and taking the time to brainstorm on ways to do things better. Cairns Rental Realty is a tried and tested well oiled machine.


2. 36 Years Joint Experience

Being a successful Property Manager results from experience, time and research. It is not something that can be taught in a year or two. Together, we have 36 years joint experience. You can feel confident that whatever the issue, we have just about seen it all!


3. Old School Values & Service

Given our extensive history in Property Management, we haven’t forgotten about old school values and service. Our values mean that our communication with you is personalised. We build a relationship with you. You and your property are not just another number. We care about you and the success of your investment, because when you win, we win. We understand the little things do still matter such as greeting you by your name when you call because we have saved your number in our phone, we are always here for a good old chat or “hello”. We treat you like family because we are one.


4. 24/7, 365 Communication

Jackie religiously answers her mobile. No longer will your call be answered by a receptionist to leave yet “another message”, the team at Cairns Rental Realty will always put you through to whomever you need to speak with. Even after hours and on weekends.


5. Hands On Principal

Unlike the majority of other Real Estate offices, our Principal Jackie is always contactable and part of the whole process of managing your property. From advertising to vacates, lease renewals to inspections – Jackie knows what is going on.


6. 100% Property Management

We are a Property Management ONLY business – which means that you and your property are our priority. There are no sale properties trying to steal our focus.


7. Tailored Service

Each owner and property has different needs. Instead of trying to fit your needs into a “one size fits all” property management box – we tailor our service to you. Prefer to email – great let’s chat over email! If you would rather talk on the phone – give us a call! If you have a demanding schedule and can only talk after hours on a Tuesday – wonderful, let’s do that!


8. Planning For Your Rates and Body Corporate Fees

For those owners who like to plan ahead for the big expenses – we’ve got your covered. We have a list of owners who we “save” each month for rates and/or body corporate fees for. Spreading big expenses over smaller monthly deductions throughout the year keeps things simple and makes good budgeting sense.


9. Entry Condition Reports with Tenants

From the get-go we ensure that the tenants and our office are on the same page. We complete the entry condition reports with the tenants at the property when we hand over the keys. This sets the tone for the tenancy (that documentation is important) and ensures we make every attempt to accurately record the condition of the property at handover to backup our vacates.


10. Let Us Fix It For You

We understand that the maintenance of your property can be a costly and frustrating situation at times. Jackie and Shane as investment owners know this first hand. Sometimes, some maintenance that tenants report has a quite simple resolution. When conducting routine inspections, Shane takes the opportunity to fix small items of repair. Such as using WD40 on stiff locks, adjusting hinges and helping tenants change tricky lightbulbs. While not all maintenance in this easy, we try our utmost to help out where we can. This service is inclusive in your management fees.


11. Dedicated Vetted Tradespeople

Our experience and local knowledge means we have vetted and formed great working relationships with the best tradespeople in Cairns. We have searched to find trades people with a good balance of quality and cost-effective work.


12. Viewings After Hours

Will other offices show your property after 5:00pm or on a Sunday afternoon? NO! But when its needed, we sure will! People are getting busier and we don’t want to miss out on securing you a great tenant just because they cannot get time off work - a lot of people work the same hours as we do.


13. Media Marketing Strategy

We have an in house professional photography team and videographer who are dedicated to ensuring that your property is advertised in the best light from the start.  Whether your property is a studio apartment or a three-story mansion we will work hard to make sure they both stand out. Unlike other agencies where these services are reserved for sale properties and are expensive, our in-house team see this service as something that elevates your rental listing, attracts a higher quality tenant and allows your property to stand out in a competitive media landscape.

Long gone are the days when tenants pick up a rental listing paper from an office. Savvy, high quality tenants are now searching for their new home on their personal devices and will quickly pass-by properties that are not well marketed. Cairns Rental Realty sees this service as fundamental to modern property management, but you wont see the cost of this reflected in your management fees. We believe that developing a future forward media marketing strategy for your property should be the standard.

Check out an example of our work by watching the video above.

14. Utilise the Latest Technology

We ensure that the latest technology is implemented into our work processes to ensure we are running as efficient as possible. We work smarter without compromising quality. Where other agencies outsource, we out do.

By utilising latest technology, we are creating streamlined information and ensuring connection with you seamless. One way we do this is through our Property Inspection technology which delivers you a comprehensive and clear routine inspection report with integrated photos and property notes. Another example of this is our property accounting software, Property Tree. Property Tree is a cloud-based software which syncs contacts with our phones and stores your important documents never to be lost. Your property information is at our finger tips and your property records are up to date minute by minute.


15. Social Media Presence

We understand that a social media presence is no longer a bonus extra but something relied upon to make a business bloom. Advertising your property in traditional media no longer works. Social media is the landscape where potential tenants vet not only properties but agencies themselves. Our social media presence integrated with our media marketing strategies means more eyes on your property, more applications are coming in and more options you have as an owner to ensure potential tenants suit your property and your needs. Our Facebook page is growing and a great chance for you to share your property with friends and family to show just how great your investment is doing.