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As always, please contact us direct if you have any questions or concerns. An unbiased third party to contact for advice is the RTA (Residential Tenant’s Authority). They have a very informative website and can also be contacted on 1300 366 311.

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“How am I behind in my rent when I paid two weeks upfront at the start?”

There are several reasons why you may have fallen behind in your rent, despite paying the two weeks upfront at the start of your tenancy. Firstly, your rent starts on the day your lease does. If a week passes before you pay rent, one of these weeks has then been used up.

Bank delays are one of the main reasons tenants can fall behind. Just because you pay on a Thursday doesn’t mean we get the rent on the Thursday. Banks have cut offs, if you make a transfer after your banks cut off time it may not be processed until the next business day. Public holidays also need to be considered here.

If your there is a rent increase attached to a lease renewal it is important to change any direct debits immediately. A $5 or $10 increase that hasn’t been updated may take months/years to build up enough to put you behind.

“My neighbour’s dog is barking too much; can you help me?”

Cairns Regional Council facilitate barking dog complaints. Please click this link for more information:

“My neighbours are fighting/partying/playing loud music, can you help me?”

Short answer: if you live in a unit complex the answer is possibly yes. If you live in a house the answer is possibly not.

In a unit complex: please phone the police in the first instance to report any neighbourhood disturbances. The body corporate may be able to process a complaint, though if it is an owner occupier legislation does not provide much power.

In a house: please phone the police in the first instance to report any neighbourhood disturbances. Policelink has an online form that literally takes minutes to complete, lodge and then alert the police. If the property is managed by a Real Estate agent then we are able to process a complaint, though if the occupant is privately managed or an owner occupier legislation gives us no power unfortunately.

“My safety switch has tripped and won’t let me turn it back on. What should I do?”

The most common course we see for a tripped safety switch is a faulty appliance. The first step is to go through every appliance in your house (including fridges, dishwashes, box air-cons etc are sometimes forgotten!) to turn off and unplug from the wall. Go back to the electrical box. If the switch allows you to turn it back on, the problem is one of your appliances. To ascertain which one, turn them on one at a time until the switch trips off. Complete this first and if you still have issues, please phone the office.